Lux Aeroguard 4S air purifier

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Breathing: we do it automatically. But the air that gives us life also carries pollutants and allergens like pollen, dust and spores, that can be dangerous for our health.

The LUX AEROGUARD 4S is the newest generation of air treament systems. With its 5 filtration stages, the air purifier constantly guarantees you fresh and healthy air.

The washable PRE FILTER removes the roughest particles such as hair and fabrics.

The full composite synthetic SWISS HEPA™ FILTER is a highly efficient filter capable of removing up to 99.97% of micro particles, such as fine dust, pollen and mould spores.

The granular ACTIVE CARBON FILTER binds gases and odours of natural and chemical origin. This filtration stage is effective in reducing tobacco smoke and cooking smells.

The DUOTRON TECHNOLOGY is actively reducing the growth of viruses and bacteria in the air outside of the air purifier. Viruses and bacteria will not only be drawn into the device, they will also be actively fought in the air and rendered harmless.

Room size 47 m2
CADR Rating - Dust 178 m3/h
CADR Rating - Pollen 198 m3/h
CADR Rating - Smoke 167 m3/h
Maximum airflow 566 m3/h
Change Filter indicator Yes
Filter type Washable Pre Filter
Swiss HEPA™ Filter (H13)
Active Carbon Filter
Air purity sensor Yes
Purification system 5 stage
Technology NANOPURE+™ with 360° UV-lamp
Energy consumption 17-85 W
115 W (with Humidifier)
Speed levels 9
Working modes Automatic
Noise Sensor
Air outlet Top
Air inlet Sides
Features Humidity indication
Temperature indication
Locking function
Remote control Yes
Produces ozone Below detection level
Certification TÜV NORD
Colour White
Item dimensions (H x W x D) 530 x 450 x 230 mm
Item weight 9,2 kg

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